2-IN-1 Kitchen Grill

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Role-play cooking a delicious meal together with your child with this realistic 2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill Set that includes metal accessories, clicking, turnable knobs and an adjustable clock.

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* WELCOME TO THE COOKOUT: The perfect introduction to cooking or an addition to your child¡¥s dream toy kitchen. The 6-piece grill set comes with a range of realistic features sure to get your little chef cooking up a storm. Suitable for kids aged 3 years and up

* 2-in-1 HOT PLATE: The hotplate board flips over to reveal a grill that creates an outdoor BBQ atmosphere. Realistic clicking sounds help to create a realistic cooking experience

* UTENSILS INCLUDED: The stainless-steel pot, pan, lid, spoon and spatula add realism to the set that children will love. Includes two hangers for spatula and spoon. With the addition of their imagination, the creations in this kitchen are endless

* EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT: The play toy set is not only fun to play with, it also stimulates their senses, enhances imagination and builds hand and eye co-ordination. The set also comes with a fully adjustable clock with movable hands that help your little one learn about time-management

* SAFE TO PLAY WITH: All Hape products are manufactured with sustainably sourced, high-quality materials and finished with non-toxic child-safe paints

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Weight 2.20 kg
Dimensions 22.7 × 9.5 × 27 cm

3+ Years

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