Lights Harmonica
Lights Harmonica
Lights Harmonica
Lights Harmonica
Lights Harmonica
Lights Harmonica

Lights Harmonica

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This instrument is designed with wider holes and sounds just like a real harmonica. The panel is 270-degree rotatable and covers the holes of the instrument to keep it clean when your budding musician carries it in their pocket or bag.

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  • Suitable for 3Y and above
  • Powered by 1 LITHIUM BATTERY (included)
  • This toy instrument will teach your little musician to play the harmonica in no time! This light-up harmonica comes with widely spaced holes and a blue and red light that shows your child when to inhale and exhale
  • Kids can follow the lights to learn a melody and slowly master 5 cool tunes. When your budding musician builds up their confidence, they can switch their harmonica to Band Mode to speed things up and play along with the accompaniments.
  • The 270-degree rotatable Light Up Play Panel Covers the holes of the instrument to keep them clean when your little musician goes on tour! The light-up panel can also be detached to play independently as a traditional harmonica
  • Mastering this instrument will teach young kids about a range of basic musical techniques, making it the perfect introduction to advanced musical learning. It also aids in the development of creative and auditory skills
  • The harmonica comes with a handy charging cable, so there’s no need to keep replacing batteries.

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Dimensions 15.50 × 8.13 × 7.60 cm

3+ Years

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