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 ADDA TOYS cooperates with the world’s largest manufacturers of wooden toys. All of these companies depend heavily on the use of natural materials.
       We all know that our children can be pretty rude with toys. Besides the fact that the toy is safe, it must be saved many times before it is worn and broken, put in the mouth and thrown to the ground. 
Wooden toys are an excellent natural choice and are ideal for environmentally friendly, healthy, durable and safe children.

Wooden toys are timeless and durable.
Wooden toys are definitely more environmentally friendly.
Wooden toys are tactile, safe, less distracting and more interactive.

Why Choose Us

Dear to our heart, we believe: Love is the mutual love between child and parent, Play is the experience of success or failure, Learn is the natural outcome from love and play.

Fires the imagination

The relentless advance of technology has ensured that toys today are replete with bells, whistles, bleeps, noises, colours and so on. But often, simplicity is best, and less is more.

Reduces anxiety

A wooden toy is very soothing and appealing not only to the child’s sense of touch. Research shows that children experience a more tranquil and advantageous quality play through wooden toys than from any other material.

Sensory Development

The organic experience of touching, sensing the surface, shape, volume, and weight of the wooden toys develops complex neurological connections in the child’s brain and enhances their memory.

Durable, heirloom toys

Wooden toys are always perceived as traditional playtools which can be passed on from generation and generation.


We are always driven to protect our children from harmful substances and materials, which, unfortunately, surround us everywhere.

Environmentally sound

Wooden toys made from sustainably sourced, certified wood are, of course, a much more environmentally friendly option than plastic toys.

Educational qualities

In 1976, the pioneering educational psychologist Dr. Lawrence Mestyanek noticed a lack of educational toys for children and infants who suffered from learning disabilities. He sought to change this by constructing a number of special wooden toys in his garage, and ever since, we have come to understand more and more how wooden toys offer a range of educational qualities.

Wooden toys present a direct connection to the natural world for children.

4 reasons to believe in free play

Without play, children will develop without imagination and creativity.

Play reveals passions

It's through play that kids discover interests, passions, and talents. We want our kids to be happy and, ideally, building a career when they grow up that's true to their core selves. Figuring out who they truly are and what they love to do begins with play

Play promotes creativity & problem-solving

Given time and space and removed from distractions, kids gravitate to creativity and creative thinking. When they are able to let their minds and bodies roam, they can come up with imaginative solutions to problems.

Play develops resilience & grit

Kids at play have the freedom to try out their ideas, test them, and try again. It’s a safe space for trial and error.

Play builds social skills

Playful interactions - with friends and grownups alike - help kids navigate social terrain, negotiate terms, define norms, develop empathy, and so much more.