Coca-Cola and FIAT Choosing us

Coca Cola and FIAT choosing us

Coca Cola, the world’s leading beverage corporation, selected Hape toys as Christmas gifts for its employees. As did FIAT, which is an Italian automobile manufacturer. Coca Cola ordered over 400 Hape toy sets , including Go-Fish-Go, Choo Choo Tracks, Spring-a-Ling, Dancing Butterflies, Lawnmower, Block and Roll; while FIAT selected Hape Fantasis and Blocks Train and Hape Little Drummer, over 1,000 toys in total.

It is a good opportunity to explore our potential customers, increase brand awareness and enhance influence, furthermore, it could be a good chance to develop further cooperation. All in all, we are honoured to be chosen by these two world-renowned brands, and we will always being humble and keep working on producing better products for children.

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