Mining Loader Set

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Use the magnetic crane to keep this mining railway set running smoothly! Pick up loads of ore from the back of the truck. Then drop them into the loader and onto the waiting train.

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* FUNCTIONAL CRANE FOR MOVING CARGO: Wooden railway set includes a crane with magnetic hoist for moving cargo on and off the train or into a pile
* BUTTON OPERATED CARGO LOADER: Load the train using the button-operated loader
* ADJUSTABLE RAIL SIGNAL: Stop and go adjustable rail signal to ensure that there are no accidents when the train is on its commute to drop off its precious cargo
* A PERFECT ADDITION: Kids can create innovative additions to their existing tracks as it combines perfectly with other Hape railway sets for seamless transitions
* INSPIRES IMAGINATION AND STORYTELLING: Enhance your little ones¡¥ imaginative storytelling as they construct amazing routes for their trains, trucks and cargo
* SAFE TO PLAY WITH: Recommended for ages three and up, has non-toxic finishes and child safe materials. Features sturdy wooden design which your child can enjoy for hours of play in the years to come

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Weight 2.50 kg
Dimensions 66 × 78 × 22 cm

3+ Years

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