Fix-It Tool Box

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Encourages the problem-solving skills of logic, matching, spatial relationships, critical thinking and understanding of cause and effect.

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  • Suitable for 3Y and above
  • Children love imitating what they see, and with their new wooden toolbox, children can get busy with their parents in the garage or around the house
  • The pretend play set includes a hammer, wrench, screwdriver and other essential construction tools to get your little one building and fixing away
  • The toolbox and tools encourage problem-solving and development skills, making it perfect for role-play and imaginative storytelling. It develops children’s hand-eye coordination skills, while teaching them about basic building techniques and equipment
  • Made of high-quality wood and finished with non-toxic details, the Fix-it Tool Box is long-lasting and durable

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Weight 0.91 kg
Dimensions 24 × 12.8 × 15 cm

3+ Years

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